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Are you asking what is it that we do? Do you desire a full list of our skills and capabilities? Great, then look right here! But honestly, we appreciate your time so we won‘t waste it by persuading you that we are the best of the best and that no one else can do, what we can. Which isn’t probably true anyway.

Truth is, that we are here for anyone who seeks an experienced guide through the world of marketing communication. We will set up and execute your promotion from the concept creation to the final evaluation. Our genetic code comprise of years of experience, unconventional ideas and client-centric approach.

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Creative Unit

What We Do

  • Event

  • Promotion

  • On-line & digital media

  • Creative Dpt. & Marketing

  • Coordination of all aspects of the client‘s needs and given concept

  • Complete design and development of customized promotion campaigns and events

  • Events production

  • Consulting services

  • Production services

  • Tailor-made design and production of all promotional outfits and items

  • Production of event decorations and working materials

  • Layouts, DTP, press production and Sign Making

  • Location scouting and creation of all Tour plans

  • Providing adventure, experience and entertaining activities for your clients upon your request

  • Specialized selection of promoters for each specific promotion and event so that they are more than just promoters - they are brand ambassadors

  • Organization and implementation of all casting sessions and trainings, to ensure that we have the best-informed and the most-adaptable crews possible

  • Ongoing checks by supervisors at the venues, plus tracking via daily campaign reports


ŠKODA AUTO a.s. – Gala Management Session

ŠKODA Auto decided to close the calendar year and motivate the management of the company consisting of 750 top managers for the upcoming year. Their vision was to bring emotional, yet fresh and dynamic event with a bit of a „Christmas touch“. Our response was an idea based on an interactive scene with unique show introducing live choreography and music. The precise execution of this event set grounds for our ongoing cooperation. We were responsible for each of the following Gala evenings from 2012 to 2016 despite being challenged every year by tendering process with loads of competition.

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. – Importer of The Year Awards

Importers of ŠKODA Auto from 29 different countries were invited to a special award ceremony. For this occasion we have chosen very special place the Prague Corssroads. This event was set up, designed, planned and fully executed by our agency.

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. – Open Doors

For its 120th anniversary the ŠKODA Auto decided to open its doors for public in an event of enormous proportions. During the ŠKODA Auto Open Day anyone could visit the vast, numerous and otherwise restricted facilities and premises of ŠKODA Auto, and to see the production process of ŠKODA cars for themselves. This unique opportunity attracted over 90.000 people. The atmosphere of this very special occasion was supported with varied, unique and wide program which was fully designed, planned and executed by our agency.

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. – Music Festival

ŠKODA Auto came up with an unconventional way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its merger with VW Group. Through a one day musical festival held right in the center of Mlada Boleslav. By taking care of the whole production of this special event for 16.500 people we helped ŠKODA Auto not only celebrate this jubilee but also reward and motivate its employees and enhance their connection with the brand.

BMW MINI – Mini Nights Event Concept

This communication platform created by our agency ran through a series of the best clubs in Czech Republic. In cooperation with other brands, we gave the participants an opportunity to experience the new MINI models. Later we were in charge of the follow-up activities, digital media and PR activities.

Red Bull Art of Can – BMW Mini Play Zone

During the second year of Czech Red Bull „Art of Can“ competition and its final exhibition we created and executed the MINI Play zone. In order to support the new Countryman model, visitors had a chance to register themselves and experience a real Countryman ride through the city center.

Red Bull Nordix, BMW Mini – Mini Zone

Based on the long-term collaboration between Red Bull and MINI. We have created great concept of MINI Zone – communication center for MINI lifestyle collection, bar, car exhibition together with chill out zone.

BMW Mini – Summer Communication Platform

As an answer to a brief from MINI for their summer communication platform at Žluté Lázně in Prague, our solution was a completely new and original design for the premises. We have prepared and supervised the whole reconstruction and put together a cultural event for the opening party. To properly introduce the MINI Bar at Žluté Lázně we held an opening party. Apart from demonstrating the features of the bar, the goal was to present MINI as an alternative seeking and progressive brand by inviting independent street artists, and proving the trend setting nature of MINI by introducing some of the rising stars of Czech music scene.

BMW Mini – Bar Opening Party

Creative Unit has developed and executed an Opening party concept of BMW MINI Bar at Žluté Lázně – unique summer communication platform for MINI. The goal was to present MINI as an alternative seeking and progressive brand. Over 500 VIP’s and top clients of BMW Czech Republic were invited to the event. This special Opening party was set up, designed, planned and fully executed by our agency.

Brown Forman – Jack Daniel’s Festival Solution

We have created a creative festival solution for Jack Daniels with the goal of connecting the JD’s products with unforgettable experience in environment suitable for the brand’s image. Our platform achieved this expectation together with driving contacts, consumption and trials on the festival point of purchase leading to an extension of the Jack Daniel’s tour. We were responsible for the concept development, execution & hostess activities for all the festivals. In the following years we upgraded the platform to the impressive village named Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Square which became the main social hub not only at the Benatská Noc festival.

Philip Morris – Marlboro Redrush

The mechanics were based on direct consumer contacts and engaging mechanics for the consumers. The approach based on “activating town by town” platform, giving consumers a chance to participate, after registration. The registration done by very unique Fly teams – 2 Ferrari California cars & 4 Ducati bikes. For each fly team, there was a regional promo team available, helping Fly team with registrations.

Philip Morris – L&M – Follow The Sun

Promotion supporting L&M brand became a part of the biggest summer music festivals and student events Majales and Gaudeamus across the whole Czech Republic. With over 80 000 visitors, this exotic and extraordinary road show based on our original concept was so successful it was later adopted by the global network of L&M.

The visitors of “L&M Global Station” had a unique chance to experience the atmosphere of 4 continents through the change of music, live performance, clothing, food, drinks and scents.

Philip Morris – Petra Slims, Engagement Center

We came up with a concept of modern mobile smoking corner that would serve as an engagement center for the brand. Completely original solution designed from scratch toured a series of selected events based on its target audience, therefore offered women-smokers relaxed zone during non-smoking events. We were responsible for the full design, entire production and complete realization of the project.

Philip Morris – Petra Festival Solution

With the goal to support the brand’s perception as domestic product, we provided a full service, development and production of special Petra brand tent, which we have called – DomeCzech. We toured the most popular music festivals with it to see how this well-equipped solution found its fans on every occasion from rock to reggae festivals.

What we created gave Petra brand customers a place to feel at home all day and all night, to enjoy music and to participate in an incredible variety of workshops and games.

COOL TV – Festivals Platform

Creative Unit was given the task to support the ATL image campaign of COOL TV through BTL concept and therefore help in building the brand awareness of the newly introduced channel. The events for the platform were selected based on COOL TV core audience and target group. That is way we focused mainly on the most popular and well known music festivals where we executed the “COOL TV” set up and ran various promotional activities.

BMW Mini – JCW Days

Based on the client requirements Creative Unit was asked to design and execute unique events named John Cooper Works Days. During the summer of 2015 we organized special and very sophisticated promotion of the MINI brand. The events were built primarily on the concept of personal experience with top class cars of MINI on the Czech racetracks such as Autodrom Sosnova in the Česká Lípa and Automotodrom in Brno. Participants of JCW Days had a unique opportunity to experience the great features of the MINI directly on the most famous Czech racetracks. Creative Unit took care of the complete realization of this exceptional event.

BMW Mini – Mini Chef

A unique concept called MINI CHEF was built on the brilliant idea of combining cars and gastronomy right in the BMW MINI stores in Prague. Participants in these unusual and most pleasant event had the opportunity to taste dishes cooked by famous chef Roman Paulus and also to experience and try the awesome driving characteristics of MINI unique cars. This promotion was based primarily on positive brand communication to clients and was fully secured by our agency.


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